Information for Session Chairs

Briefing on the conference platform

All session chairs are invited to use the offer for a briefung on the conference platform and the tasks of the chairs on 15 September 2021 or 17 September 2021. The nessesary information for the Zoom session (day, time and login information) will be sent to the chairs by e-mail.

Review day and time of your session

Please check again day and time of your session with the conference programme again.

Your session

All session chairs are requested to consider the following points for their session:

Prepair your session

  • Feel free to download our Zoom background for a consistent look.
  • Make sure you have a timer available.
  • Be in the Zoom room where you will chair the session the at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. Access - for session chairs, speakers and participants - to the individual sessions will be via the electronic programme on the conference platform (via Join Live Session). No separate login information will be sent to session chairs.
  • Sign in at Zoom with your full name so that the technical support and we can identify you as a session chair and give you the rights to share your screen, microphone and camera in Zoom.

Start of the session

  • Please start the session on time.
  • Briefly introduce yourself and explain the session to the audience.
  • Remind presenters and participants to mute themselves when they are not speaking.
  • Inform participants that they can ask questions via the Zoom Q&A function (webinars) or Zoom chat function (meetings). In the Zoom meetings, it is possible to ask to speak by "virtual" raising of hands.
  • Mute yourself during each presentation.

Keep to schedule

  • Please stick to the times listed in the programme.
  • Inform the presenters in good time before the end of there talk. Usually, presentations will have the following durations:
    Contributed talks: 15 minutes (12 min talk + 3 min discussion/speaker change)
    Invited talks: 30 minutes (25 min talk + 5 min discussion/speaker change)
    Plenary talks: 45 minutes (without discussion)
  • Please ask the speakers to finish their presentation when the allotted time has expired. Be polite but firm.
  • Please finish the session on time.

Moderation of the question and answer session

  • Participants have the opportunity to ask questions after each presentation via the Zoom Q&A function (webinars), the Zoom chat function (meetings) or by raising their hands "virtually" (meetings).
  • Use your own judgment to choose the questions you want to ask the speaker.
  • Read the questions aloud (or let the questioner ask the question directly) and give the speaker the opportunity to answer.
  • Please also make sure to keep to the given time frame.

Absent speakers

  • If a speaker does not appear, allow the previous discussion to continue or suspend the session until it is time for the next scheduled presentation.